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Ready to jumpstart your personal training business to the online space? This quiz will help you know if you’re ready to scale up and run a successful online fitness business!

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Online personal training is now more relevant than ever. With the vast choice of technological options and virtual training apps available, you can pivot to an online personal training business in a few relatively easy steps with the right help. Many of your competitors have already started making the switch.

But…are you actually ready for the online jump? 

This quiz will function as your cheat sheet to evaluate how well you have been operating your business, to a pain-free process towards creating an elite online platform to serve your clients from anywhere.

So, what type of personal trainer are you? Let’s find out.

More Competition Online After The Pandemic

83% of trainers say that they’ll work primarily online after the pandemic [The Personal Trainer Development Center, 2020]

Covid-19 Has Changed Home Fitness

40% of respondents exercised at home for the first time because of COVID-19 [Harrison Co., May 2020]

The Big Companies Are Shifting Online

Beachbody, the fitness company, experienced a 200% growth in subscribers since shifting to online classes [Gulfnews, March 2020]

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What Type of
Personal Trainer
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